Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo – January 31, 2018

Collage by Mystic Mamma

The total lunar eclipse will occur early this Wednesday morning, and will be visible from the Western US and Canada just before sunrise. (Click here to check your visibility.)

Even if you can’t see it, you’ll likely still feel it—especially if you have major planets or angles around 11 degrees of Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, or Taurus.

So what’s the big deal? For starters, eclipses are game changers. They tend to course-correct matters related to the houses they fall in and the planets they touch in each person’s chart. This means each of us is affected differently, according to not only our charts but also how we’ve lived our lives up to this point. If you’re not on the right path, an eclipse will help you get back on it. They’re blessings in disguise, for the changes can be unexpected yet necessary. As the shadow obscures the light, things can feel confusing. Just trust that they will become clear in time.

It’s also important to note that the changes don’t always occur right on the day of the eclipse. They can happen before/during eclipse season, or when another planet aspects the degree of the eclipse later this year.

This particular eclipse is connected to the total solar eclipse we experienced in August, so with it comes corresponding themes and events. With the Moon conjunct the North Node in Leo, it’s time to show the world who you are, shamelessly and bravely. It’s time to drop the emotional baggage that keeps you small and hidden. It’s time to take risks, be bold, and express your creative individual self. You should be proud of who you are—why give a damn what anyone else thinks? As soon as you proclaim your power your life will unfold for the better.

The oppositions from the Sun and Venus in Aquarius do ask us to keep in mind the needs of the collective, however. How does your unique self-expression better humanity as a whole? How does the light you shine illuminate others? Express yourself but beware of vanity and the siren call of praise and recognition.

The August solar eclipse heralded the rise of the divine feminine, as symbolized by the conjunction of the eclipse point to the fixed star Regulus which is now in the constellation of Virgo. Regulus is the star of kings, but Virgo is the sign of the servant. Leo is the heart and the divine masculine, while Virgo is the mind and the divine feminine. We’re beginning a time when the heart and mind, masculine and feminine will merge; when those in power will serve everyone, including Mother Earth.

The conjunction of this lunar eclipse to Ceres is a continuation of these themes. Ceres is the goddess of the harvest, a protector of the earth and all its inhabitants, especially her own daughter, Prosperpina. She is a strong and powerful single mother who isn’t afraid to descend into the darkness of the Underworld to save her child. Like the Moon in Leo, she is the fierce mother lion—provider and protector yet fertile and nurturing. She represents an energy that is rising within ourselves and the collective at this time. Both men and women are being asked to recognize their powerful divine feminine, to unite the energies of the god (Leo) with the goddess (Ceres and the Moon).

We can see all of the above already manifesting within the collective, and it is exciting to witness such a revolution. By all means, get out there and join it, but don’t forget to fan the flames within yourself as well.



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