Nutritional Therapy Testimonials

“Before I met Lauren, I had somewhat of an understanding about nutrition. I was self-taught via the internet in college and lost 60 plus pounds, but after losing all this weight I was at a standstill in my journey to understanding my own health. I enjoyed the steps Lauren took to help me connect my eating with different aspects of my life. She taught me that there are many contributors to when, how, and why we eat. I knew the basics of living a healthy lifestyle, but Lauren was able to show me all the misconceptions that society seems to overlook. She helped me comfortably reintroduce certain foods I restricted myself of because of diet misconceptions. With loads of information, links, and her own dedication to nutrition, she guided me into a new mindset. This process has shown me there are other ways to look at food. Mentally, physically, and emotionally I found myself to be in a better place once Lauren helped me realize a lot of my stress levels and mood fluctuations resulted in my eating habits. I would recommend Lauren to anyone who wants to thoroughly sit down and be introduced to a healthy lifestyle with an open-minded individual.”

C.S., Yoga Instructor, Pompano Beach, FL
“It can be a war against yourself to confront the reality of your symptoms, emotions, and lifestyle; let alone share the lurid details, especially after having been burned in experiences with past healthcare providers. In contrast, Lauren was immediately sensitive and insightful in response to my fractured relationship with food and fitness, and the effect it had on my health. Her passion and knowledge built solid trust and understanding, recognizing that the fight for wellness is at once physical and mental — deeply personal, but also requiring unbiased observation, professional guidance, and daily practice. Following the protocol she created around my unique situation and limitations, I have seen my blood test results dramatically improve and felt the difference. Nothing is quite like the scare of discovering dangerously high inflammatory biomarkers, and the liberation of watching them measurably dwindle and disappear in just a few months to the amazement of your doctors. To think, a garden, where a battlefield was. Having Lauren on my side has been an incredible experience that has given me ears to hear my body’s signals again, as well as the will to listen and realize body joy.”

– K.A., Fitness Center Operations Associate, Los Angeles, CA
“Before sitting down with Lauren for a consultation, I never really gave much thought to the different nutritional aspects of food. I was always under the impression that calories meant everything. If I wanted to lose weight to be healthy, I just needed to watch how many calories I was eating. Lauren was able to provide me with so much information about what really constitutes healthy food, and how it could influence my body. Not once did Lauren ever make me feel uncomfortable with my lack of nutritional knowledge. She happily went through my eating habits with me, explaining where I could make changes. Lauren did not expect me to make drastic changes to my eating and nutrition, but gave me ideas and steps I could use to make small changes that fit into my lifestyle. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to start making positive and healthy changes in their lives!”

– B.U., Elementary School Teacher, Hollywood, FL

“Lauren made the entire process very easy to understand. She explained everything in incredible detail and was very patient. Most recommendations were helpful though I admit I did not accept all suggestions as I knew I would not be able to stick with them. I am happy to report that the suggestions I incorporated into my daily routine replaced my old habits! I even manage to eat less and less sugar each day. And no more diet coke either! Best of all I learned to read food labels and understand much better just what I was eating, or not eating for that matter. My acid reflux has abated and I am sleeping much better.

The number of nutritional tips I learned were many and suffice it to say that there was no shortage of information to be ‘digested.’

I highly endorse Lauren and would not hesitate to recommend her to friends who wish to modify their eating habits.”

– S.V.B., Client Relations Director, Boca Raton, FL
“Lauren is the type of person who you meet professionally and instantly think, ‘She is in the right field! She is in her element: passionate and knowledgeable about what she does. She truly cares and wants to help you.’

Lauren approaches health and nutrition in a positive, practical, logical, knowledgeable way. She knows how to break down really complicated information so you can understand it and integrate it into your daily life. She is approachable and always open to questions. Additionally, Lauren knows what it is like to have health issues, so she puts words into practice-she lives what she teaches and is on your journey with you. She has a real talent and gift of understanding the body and is up to date on studies and research. She approaches every patient with care and a real, holistic approach. Anyone would be lucky to work with Lauren. She is all about results through real change and understanding the body as a whole. She addresses the root cause by identifying what is going on with your health, but also other parts of your life (sleeping habits, stress, etc). I would recommend Lauren to anyone who would like to take control of their health and wellness, get educated on how to live a meaningful life through health and mindfulness, and anyone who has ailments and has sought out other types of more traditional medicine but has been unsuccessful to date.”

– D.K., Associate Brand Manager, New York, NY
“Lauren has been very patient and positive with me. I’m coming in with a lot of reluctance and baggage, and she’s really been able to help me through that in a caring and compassionate way. She’s also very receptive and quick to respond. Really helpful!”

– B.S., Educational Technology Specialist, Philadelphia, PA


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