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My story
How are astrology and nutritional therapy related?
What’s in a natal chart?

My story

Once a complete skeptic of anything religious or spiritual, never did I think I would one day practice astrology. But major life crises have a way of breaking you open, which is exactly what happened when my health plummeted several years ago. I began exploring alternative ways of thinking, being, and doing, as my old ones clearly hadn’t been working out so well. The more I tried and experienced, the broader my mind opened and the richer my life became.

Astrology, specifically, entered my life when a health practitioner unexpectedly included a chart reading in my session. The detail, accuracy, and breadth of information astounded me. She described inner conflicts I’d struggled with all my life, yet could not clearly define. She saw what I’d experienced in the past and present, and accurately predicted a timeline for the future. At that point I realized astrology must be more than silly magazine horoscopes and sun signs.

As I delved into the field, I learned that many brilliant, respected historical figures had practiced astrology seriously. Carl Jung, the father of analytical psychology (you may know him as the originator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), used astrology to shed light on his most difficult cases. He deemed it vital to the process of individuation, during which a person becomes a self-aware individual. In his words, “Astrology represents the sum of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity.”1

Some of the most revolutionary astronomers–Copernicus, Tycho, Kepler, and Galileo–were also devoted astrologers.2 More recently, the Reagans came under the spotlight for their use of astrology, an interest they had tried to keep hidden.

It’s a shame there is such a stigma, but I can understand why. We fear what we don’t know. It’s only natural to discredit what has yet to be acknowledged by mainstream science. Since our tools for analysis are quite limited in comparison to the scope of the universe, the only way to know is to try it for yourself.

How astrology has helped me

Astrology has enabled me to see myself clearly, thoroughly, and lovingly. My weaknesses, such as the perfectionism and self-criticism I’d always struggled with, stared me right in the face–directing me to work on them more deeply. I saw what I needed to become in this lifetime, and what I needed to let go of. My apparent strengths, such as perceptiveness and versatility, both validated and surprised me. Ultimately, my chart gave me the acceptance I needed to love and nurture what makes me different, as well as the courage to follow my unique path.

As astrology helps me see myself, it illuminates the other people in my life as well. I better understand why friends and family are the way they are, and why we may or may not get along. Imagine if all parents received their children’s charts at birth–they’d understand their personalities, needs, insecurities, desires, strengths, and weaknesses. They’d see their children for who they really are, perhaps preventing years of pain and misunderstanding. Imagine if all children understood their parents’ flaws and childhood wounds–they could perhaps feel compassion for them and forgive their mistakes.

While my readings are not a replacement for professional psychological counseling, they are a complementary tool to aid in the discovery, acceptance, and transformation of oneself.

How are astrology and nutritional therapy related?

Both nutritional therapy and astrology exist to help you deeply understand and honor yourself in order to actualize your highest potential.

Nutritional therapy teaches you how to understand your body’s needs and meet them fully. It dives deep beneath the surface of your symptoms, uncovering root causes to bring you back into balance.

Astrology, too, digs deep, revealing parts of yourself you didn’t realize were there, ultimately enabling you to become a whole and integrated person. Both emphasize bio-individuality, and both are tools for profound healing.

What’s in a natal chart?

In general, here is what a chart will tell you about yourself:

  1. The Sun – your identity, ego, personality, will, self-expression, masculine energy, and father
  2. The Moon – your sensitivity, emotions, habits, unconscious, past, body, feminine energy, and mother
  3. Mercury – your perceptive, intellectual, and communicative abilities, curiosity, patience, siblings, nervousness, and quickness
  4. Venus – your self-worth, values, pleasures, charm, people skills, artistic inclinations, attractions, and sensuality
  5. Mars – your primal drives, actions, courage, anger, combativeness, and sexuality
  6. Jupiter – your faith, self-confidence, interests, openness, and good fortune
  7. Saturn – your challenges, insecurities, discipline, maturity, wisdom, conservativeness, karma, and relationships with authority figures
  8. Uranus – your intuition, inventiveness, progressiveness, individuality, and need for freedom
  9. Neptune – your imagination, faith, spirituality, intuition, compassion, addictions, delusions, and psychic and musical abilities
  10. Pluto – your deepest instincts, obsessions, sexual energy, power, and healing abilities
  11. Chiron – your primal/childhood wound, insecurities, healing abilities, and wisdom
  12. South Node – your past lives, gifts, weaknesses, bad habits, and inclinations you need to let go of
  13. North Node – what you need to strive for in order to make progress in life
  14. Ascendant – how the world sees you and how you approach the world; the mask you wear; your body
  15. Descendant – the partners you attract and your relationships with others
  16. Midheaven – your career, reputation, and professional/public persona
  17. Part of Fortune – where and how you can find prosperity

The signs, houses, and aspects between the planets further elaborate on the above.
Here is what a chart looks like:

All of this information can be used to help you navigate your career, relationships, finances, and more.

Please note how much more detailed this is than your basic magazine horoscope. I won’t get into a full-blown rant, but I will say that they drive me nuts for this reason. Astrology is so much more than sun signs, which is why oversimplified horoscopes give it a bad name.


Required for all readings: birth date, city, and accurate time
Distance sessions are available by phone, Skype, or FaceTime.

Natal chart – includes a 15-20 page digital report and audio recording of the session.
As described above, your natal chart is a mirror to your soul. It illuminates your gifts, challenges, psychology, relationships, career, finances, higher purpose, and much more. Truly understanding who you are facilitates self-acceptance and profound transformation.
The basic reading covers the highlights of your chart. The comprehensive reading allows more time to answer questions and explore additional areas of your self and your life. Since your chart contains an abundance of information, I strongly recommend the longer reading.
Basic Reading (1 hour) – $130
Comprehensive Reading (1 hour 30 min) – $190

Note: If there is a specific area you’d like to focus on, please let me know ahead of time. This will ensure your concerns are covered in great detail.
Ex: Does my career choice suit me? What does my chart say about romantic relationships? etc.

I will read the chart of someone who is not present, but only in a way that is respectful of his/her privacy and helpful to both parties involved. For example, I will read a child’s chart to her parents in order to help them better understand her.

Transits & Progressions – includes a 15-20 page digital report and audio recording of the session.
Understand what you are or will be going through and why. Learn how to navigate your present and future challenges and opportunities, grasp their timing, and unravel your life’s path and lessons.
1 hour – $130

Brief Follow-Up
If you have a few questions about the reading I gave you, you can schedule a brief phone follow-up.
20 min – $35

1-2. Campion, N. (2009). History of Western Astrology (Vol. II). London & New York: Continuum Books. pp.147-225.





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