Astrological Counseling Testimonials

“Lauren becoming my astrologer started as what I thought would be a playful way to spend time together. However, about midway through our first session, I realized how powerful the process could be, and how gifted this young woman is at sharing what she sees. The number of ‘ahas’ I had, things coming together in ways that made total sense, blew my mind. I had never really taken astrology seriously before, but since seeing its value, I’ve been converted. I have friends in California who typically pay $250- $350 for a 30 minute session with another astrologer, who I’ve convinced to work with Lauren instead. To me it feels like Lauren has been reading astrological charts for lifetimes. She is the real deal.”
Susan Freeman, Nutritional & Somatic Therapist

“For my own reading, the information was accurate based on each area of my life and provided helpful insight into areas that I needed to grow and work on. I walked away from the astrology reading with an overall better understanding of myself. I was also surprised that pretty much everything about who I am was accurately summarized by my birth chart.
It was beneficial having a reading for my daughter as well. It described her personality as she is right now and prepared me for challenges that she might have in life and how I can be a better mother to her and guide her where she will need it.
Lauren was tactful with how information was presented, especially the more difficult topics. She provided various interpretations of what different aspects might mean and how they might manifest.
I enjoyed learning how things that I just figured were shortcomings were directly tied to planetary alignments and paths. It was amazing to see how this impacted who I am. Also, there have been areas in my life that I have tried to just be positive about and avoid focusing on, but I learned that I will need to learn and grow from this instead of ignoring it.
Her forecast for the future was also very accurate. She told me about some challenges and changes I was going to go through, and how to best navigate them.
I have always been intrigued by astrology, but it was only after working with Lauren that I saw how much more information there is other than just the zodiac. Now, I definitely see this as being a vital tool to help those that are interested in getting a better understanding of who they are and working towards their life purpose.”

J.J., Computer Programmer

“Having no experience with astrology other than the brief articles in the back of trashy magazines, I was absolutely floored by the accuracy of Lauren’s reading. It amazed me just how deep into my personality the reading went, prodding at hidden truths and prying at repressions. Lauren did a fabulous job of guiding me through all of this new information, giving alternative explanations and relatable examples of what they mean in my life. It was a very enjoyable and exciting experience, I felt understood and a sense of relief came with this new understanding of myself. To finally grasp the meaning and intention of so much that has happened in my life and to clearly see my path ahead is invaluable. I would highly recommend seeing Lauren, she’s an excellent guide through astrology!”
Nicole M., Radiological Technologist

“What I liked most about the information was it gave so much insight into what my strengths and weaknesses are. It also covered obstacles that I have faced in the past, may currently be facing, or may face in the future based on my astrological chart. I was provided with so much information that I could use for self-reflection and ultimately personal growth. I like to do periodic ‘revisions’ and also set future ‘visions’ for my life and this reading is a such a great way to dig deeper into what changes I need to make or what I should be aware of to actually take control of my future.
The information was so detailed that it really made me reflect on a lot of different aspects of my personality and life. I had never had a report pinpoint so many unique characteristics I have as a person that I need to be aware of and work with. I learned my strengths and weaknesses, the way in which I view the world and my role in it. Also, the way I interact with other people and certain driving forces I may have for the decisions I make. It was a good way to reflect on my tendencies and ask why it is that I behave in certain ways.
Lauren is an incredible practitioner. What I like most is that I can genuinely feel how much she cares and wants to help me improve every aspect of my life. She truly has a gift and is constantly improving her unique skills by selflessly offering her services to others. We are all on a constant journey of growth and evolution and the information that Lauren can provide from reading your chart can be very helpful to reflect and ultimately continue moving forward in the right direction.”

Maya Y., Events Organizer

“Lauren did a great natal chart reading for me. She highlighted all of the most dominant and importantly, challenging aspects in my chart. She explained past and present personality qualities and when they would continue or end and what purpose they might serve. She noted the placement and timing on my chart and when a new energy pattern would emerge. What I found to be extremely helpful was a Transits and Progressions chart reading from Lauren. After reviewing the natal chart energies, the transitions made sense regarding what is more consciously happening in my life at this time.”
E.A.D., Art Teacher

“I was impressed with the reading I got from Lauren. I had never had a reading and she was very professional and a great guide. Her reading helped explain things that I’ve felt but were hard to put into words. She helped show me my strengths and reaffirmed traits that I value dearly. When it came to my weaknesses, she helped me understand how to better handle them. She was also able to provide information about certain events that had occurred in my past. It was an enlightening experience. I never knew much about astrology before I met Lauren. But with her knowledge and care, I am quite pleased that the universe had us cross paths. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is interested in learning more about themselves.”
Jorge D., Medical Technologist

The recent reading I had with Lauren Aronstam was eye-opening. Her interpretation of my natal chart was thorough and accurate. She was able to identify key elements of my personality. Through our discussion, it was evident that Lauren understood the layers of my personality. It made me think about myself and how I interact with others in various situations. My opinion on astrology has only grown deeper due to this experience. My questions were interpreted and answered in an insightful manner. The recording and official report are wonderful to have as a guide. They serve as a valuable reference. I would highly recommend visiting Lauren for all your astrological questions.
Darit Z., Elementary School Teacher
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